Monday, December 04, 2006

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Friday, December 01, 2006

divine Will

"Let it be according to thy will"

It has been heard one pray - "IF it be according to thy Will" - can such a prayer be efficacious? and does it bespeak of 'doubt'? How much more sure and powerful would our prayer be if we wholly decree - "LET IT BE....according to thy Will".

While meditating upon occurs to ones being that this is the most powerful statements of surrender ever spoken - it was Marys true heart-devotion and acceptance of the heavenly calling to say, 'Let it be according to thy word'.

When we say this with all our heart and soul...such is the power of total surrender to the all-sustaining government of divine Providence. With this we also engage our own will-choice, a co-creative compliment or covenantal partnership with Life thus empowering us to utter the decree of 'Let it be'...activating our keys to the kingdom to loose(allow, permit, release) the full provision of wisdom - the power of the logos intimated in the human heart to release the will-mandate and creation of the Spirit in the earth-realm.

In light of universal salvation....we presume that all souls ultimately surrender and utter the 'let it be according to thy will' prayer and experience the conversion thus advancing them Godward towards more love and light. Since divine Will undergirds the very fabric of existence and upholds all creation... those who continue in co-operation with Love endure forever and have eternal Life. This is the divine Will continuum.

Let us meditate now as an inward prayer,

"Let it be according to thy will, O Lord"

As we contemplate this decree of surrender to Love....let us offer it in the care of not only our personal sphere of life and influence but all families, nations and cultures of our world, extending to the planetary and cosmic. Let this mighty prayer resound with all power and vibrancy in all hearts as we see the coming of the New Day...the Golden Age.

Let it Be.