Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Time is only the phenomena of movement within the Mind of the Infinite.

The unfolding of space/time creation is what 'appears' to transpire within the theater of MIND thru the inter-actions of space. Consciousness is the forever Unchanging Medium in which creation 'appears' to unfold. The Substance of Mind is eternal, Infinite...while the forms, ideas, concepts, images arising are appearing in the stream of 'time', but this is only the 'perceived effect' of relativity. The Infinite One is Self-existing as Eternity independent of space/time or 'anything' for that matter. Therefore God is ever existing within all time and eternity. What is Absolute retains eternal primacy by virtue of being Absolute. The Absolute is before, behind and beyond all relativity. There is no time in the Pure Essence of The Absolute. Only in the creative inter-actions of space does time 'appear' in relative associations.

I call the Infinite One the Great Indefinity. - all space/time definities are merely movements of perception within Consciousness.


Consciousness is All. All what? All of all there is. There is nothing beside; nothing less or nothing beyond Consciousness. Consciouness is Infinite. Call Consciousness God, or call it Mind, Awareness, Principle, Soul, Substance, Life or by any name that means the Alone One, the Complete, the Totality of Existence, nay, Existence Itself in Its Entirety.

- From 'Now', Alfred Aiken

As we approach the subject of Truth we are confronted with the immediate sensation of what is Conscious Existence, the very space of Living Awareness where all light and knowledge exists. The very fact of 'conscious Being' is ever before us, and is the reality that we actually 'are'. From this inherent perspective of LIFE...Consciouness is all, being the very substance in which all creation is formed. All visible and invisible dimensions exist within the vast Domain of Consciousness,...all potentials and all their totality. This presents to us the essential and most important science existing and that is 'theontology' (the science of divine Existence, the theology of 'being'). Knowing the truth of Existence is central to Life. From this base we can ground ourselves in the One Fundamental Truth of The Absolute. We shall explore the profound and utter Reality of what is Absolute,..the Unchanging, Immutable, Unqualified 'Self', the 'I AM'. The Primary Truth of Existence being the Seat of Consciousness is our study of utmost eternal importance.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Heart Blessings

The Journey inwards is the journey upwards when united in the Heart's integrity. Our heart is centered in the Heart of Creation, for that Heart is the Creator-core. In the radiance and pure potential of the Higher Self conected to the sacred Heart...we are one with the Mighty I AM, resonating in the Holy Spirit vibration, mantled in the garments of the Christ...our anointing of Sonship, the garments that adorn, grace and beautify our souls countenance. With Creations song, we join in co-creating the Heart's desire in space and time, holding the divine Vision in its perfection. We go within, to merge with the Shekinah, then ascend into greater Light. We converege within and without with the pulse of creation, heralding the Christ-victory and expanding the kingdom of Love with every heart-beart. This sharing of creation is our Joy and calling. Let us now with open hearts...radiate our pure intentions to lift all souls into the sphere of holy willing, truth, integrity and surrender to Spirit flows, drawing all hearts back to Original Love.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

adventures in non duality (Advaita)

'Advaita' means 'not two' or 'non-seperateness', and is sourced in the ancient hindu scriptural traditions concerning the non-duality of the One Supreme Deity, Brahma...who is Indivisible, One, All. It is commonly referred to in the west as non-duality and encompasses the basic teaching of the Oneness of Life and the non-dual nature of Consciousness, as the primary center of All That exists. We therefore intuit the nature of the One, the all-pervading as an Undifferentiated Whole. There is only this. Nothing else. All is One in this fullness of Existence. One Infinity. One Ocean of Reality wherein all the ripples or waves of space/time creation arise, into appearance and out of appearance. The One Ocean of Being and LIGHT ever remains, matter what arises within its screen of Awareness. The One remains Unchanging, Infinite, Eternal, Imperishable, Undifferentiated, Unqualified, Unconditional, Original, Supreme, Absolute, Ultimate. All that is changing, finite, perishable, mortal comes and goes within Unified Field of the One, the Master Matrix, the great Immensity. Space/time movements coincide with the revolutions of creation within the Infinite.

Exploring the non-dual Reality of Being centers us and keeps us integrated into the Great Mystery and profundity of our Existene within The HEART. We may look at the Heart as being the very core essence of LIFE, in its undimensional Infinity as well as including all that arises within it as finite creation and conditional existence. The One Eternal God Presence, I AM, forever remains...Unconditional, Unfettered, Unbound, FREE. Our abiding in the Free Realm of the Heart is key to our maintaining frequency with the Spirit, where there is complete liberty to be and be-come all that the Heart desires in Joy. That which is eternally BEING is always being, for such existence is beginningless and endless. Only That essential substance of light is eternal, as all else is subject to the play of relativity. The True Self-Existence of the Brahma/Atman retains eternal primacy. So surrender to the Heart of Reality (Truth) is the yielding all to the Eternal, Infinite, Indivisible, Undying LIFE that is forever free as LOVE.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008


I am a channel of pure energy, mind and spirit. I radiate only love and light. All that I AM, and will BE is forever in the nucleus of my Spirit IDentity. Giving and sharing what I AM in all its beauty is my innermost JOY. Within is the eternal generation of the all-Mighty One, forever Be-ing and Be-coming. My intent is one with divine willing coursing with the momentum of divine Wisdom. Oscillating within my being is the full and unfettered glory of LIGHT, the quintessence of Creation. I call forth Now and forever the preeminence of the divine Will, the eternal Good, and Highest calling of every sentient being, lifting the entire creation into the holy sphere of creativity and Love. Secured in the holy trust of this Divine Love, I AM forever One in the Holy Perfection.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

Heart's awakening

A new day greets us filled with wonder and undiscovered potential. With creativity of soul we aspire to look to the most positive vision of abundance and Love, a haven of peace and plenty for ourselves and the whole world, for we are the world. Today then,...we use our consciousness and offer it up as a ceaseles prayer of harmony and goodwill. We dedicate our hearts to heal and enrich the hearts of all in unconditional Love. We awaken the divine potential within. We hold that sacred treasure in the Light. One Heart. One Love.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Self empowerment

Today we interface within the multiple dimensions mirroring the light of spirit within the soul reflecting the Universe abroad. The Mystery of Life always keeps a subtle curiosity and gratitude alive as we grow in knowledge and allow understanding to unfold drawing the sweetness of wisdom ever closer. We are mirrors of consciousness, individualities of the Greater One Original LIGHT. May we draw from our original center the balancing harmony of the One....keeping the integrity of Love preeminent. We bless this day as another opportunity of experience and Joy!

Thursday, January 03, 2008

returning to Source thru inspired musics

Today I behold a procession of anointed harpists....weaving a divine symphony of ascending glory....converging beautiful melodies and inspiring crescendos lifting the spirit higher and heart towards its eternal Love. Let us today hold the divine logos within the heart,...and set it free in the Spirit of God to unveil and unleash its inner song of celestial beauty...the longing of the soul for its Beloved. With the music of the spheres, let us channel these healing melodies to permeate all hearts and immerse with earth with its calming and harmonizing peace. As ministers of the New Dawn let us rebuild the Tabernacle of David to the glory of the Christ.