Wednesday, October 25, 2006

The Name (YHWH) divine

' To the One God,
whose Name forever reigns '

* Here we have the divine Name (YHWH) in hebrew letters speaking of the ' I AM' and the 'I Will Be' aspects of the Living One. The divine Name(s) of God serve as ID's as they denote the character/essence of Deity. As we worship and honor the Creator and Father.....let us exalt his Name within our consciousness to so lift Him up keeping his Name forever glorified. We are carries and representatives of His Name,..... I AM/I Will Be....for our 'being' springs from His Original Being. Our true IDentity is sourced in the Living One.

I AM ever Be-ing and Be-coming.

There is only God Be-ing and Be-coming.


divine Will mantra..............

"O Mighty Will divine, shine in this heart of mine"

As we offer up this prayer-mantra,....let us consider that our own souls will in its original and true state of being is one with Gods own supreme Will. This Will is the motive-power and intentive that sponsors every living thing to carry out its purpose for being and inspiring it to transcend even greater expressions of creativity and joy. As we invoke the sacred Love within the heart....let us as a mini-meditation inflect this prayer within and allow it to bear its own fruit to the glory of God.


Monday, October 09, 2006

Invocation to the Sun as the Solar Logos

"O glorious Sun,.....all Radiant One,
we give thanks to thy Living Light,
calling upon thy brilliance in the hour
of our knowing,

O Bright and Morning Star,
we invoke thy radiant Power
reviving heart and soul.

O Blazing Sun of the Living Rays,
we bless and glorify thee,
renewed in thy Presence

O glorious Sun,
giving Life,
we call upon thy Name
The Living Christ." *


What shall I render to the LORD
For all His benefits towards
I will take up the cup of
And call upon the name of
the LORD.

-Psalm 116:12,13


* In this invocation we call unto the Sun as a manifestation of the Great Central Sun, the center of the radiant life giving power flowing from the Supreme Deity. In this prayer we hold the archetype of the Solar Logos (the living Word, Christ-Light) which shone and shines thru the Lord Jesus in his divine ministry in heaven and earth wherein is our regeneration. We invoke and call upon the 'name' (IDentity and nomination) of LIGHT as it is manifesting in all its various radiations from its most original Source into this planetary system...which our own Sun represents. We worship the Source, Essence, Being, Intelligence, Love, Light that upholds All Life....and to us reveals itself as the Mighty Sun/Son of God.
This brings our attention to the Solar aspects of Deity and its divine rays.

In some schools the Solar deity Helios and Vesta are called....the former being the masculine form and the latter twin souls of the Sun.

"God is Light"


Tuesday, October 03, 2006

the encouraging of holy spirit

Todays watch-word came as insights flowed on the Spirits ministry - the
Spirit is empowering us always, the divine encourager. May we open
fully to the Holy Spirit to empower us afresh to walk in the glory of our
Sonship. May the Light of the Living One ever radiate as we rejoice in
the Victory of Love thru-out all creation....heralding the generation of
the Christ.

Let divine encouragement arise and be released in, thru and to the hearts
of all. Let us ascend unto the hill of Mount Zion and with davidic heart
worship the Lord in the beauty of holiness, as he restores the true
tabernacle of His glory in the earth thru his anointed ones.


Centering Power

As I awaken to the center of my Power.......I am centering my being, my awareness, my aliveness, the glory of that aliveness and divine potential....ever in generation. I AM the center, circumference and pervading vastness of the divine One....infinitely expressing Joy.

Oh my glory
Oh my power...................

I AM centered in thee
the One,
the Only,
the Omni.


"Artwork courtesy of and copyright by Daniel B. Holeman, who invites you to visit his Visionary Art Gallery web site - AwakwenVisions