Wednesday, September 27, 2006

It's in the 'Calling'

"Whosever calls upon the name of the Lord shall be saved/delivered"

As we draw our attention to the IDentity of the Living One.......and invoke divine Presence....we open our beings to the Radiant Reality of divinity. As we make our call....and send it heavenward it awakens the heart and soul to embrace the immanent and transcendent Presence. We have the sacred privilege of summoning the Al-Mighty.....and in such summons...we enjoy salvation/deliverance/healing/liberation. This is the power of invocation.

Another aspect of our 'calling' our spiritual calling....which is birthed from the Logos of a living word prophesied from the Living Divine. Our calling is carried on the winds of Holy Spirit....and is the call of God. This calling is awakened, summoned and brought to our remembrance as we call upon the name of the Lord which awakens in us our true IDentity. This understanding empowers our glorious vocation in the Light and inspires us to serve the Higher One.

It's in the 'calling'.


Your life-stream as a 'dispensation'

As we enter into a meditation of being servants of the Lord......we come into the idea of each soul being a 'lifestream' - an emenation of the One Original Life, expression of the Great Central Sun of divinity. We look at the great epochs thru-out history and see how divine Providence has orchestrated and inspired revivals of light and renewal in the earth and call these times 'dispensations'. In the generations of God there are infinite dispensations. These outpourings or ministrations are also represented as periods or times of divine activity or signficance.

As we reflect on our serving the One and being the divine image and likeness of Light.....we come to realize that we are dispensations of Love.
Our souls incarnation in this time has its own holy significance as our calling has been summoned and our appearing in this cycle within eternity bears special importance. Our dispensation NOW is the high and holy calling of our be-ing and be-coming in God.

As you open to be and be-come your God-potential......see yourself as a dispensation divine.


Saturday, September 16, 2006

Seeing is everything

"What the Light inspires.....the Light acquires".

This oracle came forth after realizing that what Spirit inspires into the soul in the form of questions/inquiries....serves to awaken one to 'see' that the answer is always within the Light that inspired the question. All is ever present within the One Light and Consciousness That exists as 'God'.

"You are that Light".


The service of Love

During my morning walks is when much light and communion takes place as mind and body is this seems to inspire the spirit within as well...opening it to greater dimensions of Light...often in dialogue the heart communes with the divine Heart.

Spirit often offers quest-ions and such questions by their own inquisitive power open up the portals of perception where the answer itself is found in the openening of Light. The Light within ones own being grants its own knowledge; the questions itself serving to open one to revelation.

As I began to review all thoughts and deeds...especially certain religious doctrines...the question came to me - "Does this or that serve Love?". This became the primary quintessential question at the heart of divine Law. Bringing all things in the light of this inquiry opens one to see the true value of anything.

This becomes the ultimatum of our serving and our discernment in determining the worth-ship of any thought, deed or doctrine. In this inquiry of the heart.....we awaken to the Law of Life itself and are illumined, refreshed, rejuvenated by its Light.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

Immediate access

Let us reflect the Light of our own Being in the mirror of our Soul. In the 'here' and 'now' All. In this present moment is All That Is. Here, is everything......everything is here. Presence is ever Being.

Here,, have immediate access to divine Source, Light, Knowledge, Wisdom, Love.

Immerse youself into the wealth of Being that you are and draw its treasure.


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Enjoy Life while it affords ItSelf

As we contemplate Life in all its wonder and glory......we come to realize that it is always in our own 'being' and 'consciousness' that we experience Life as it unfolds....and thus is the only place/space wherein we touch/contact and have communion with the Greater One Reality. It is in this space of Living Awareness where we experience and come to know the Universal Mind which we call 'God' Infinite Love, Light, Truth, Spirit. Here in this the sanctuary where all truth, wisdom and knowledge unfolds ItSelf in the One Light. As we open to and awaken to this Consciousness of God within.....we open the portals of the heart to the greater Love and Wisdom which reigns and sovereignly governs this planetary system and all worlds.

While we have conscious awareness as sentient beings.....there is always the opportunity and innate potential within to awaken to new dimensions of Light and attend to a Will greater than our little ego-will....the very Will which upholds all Existence and brought everything into being....including the individual life-stream that you are.

By calling upon the Name of 'God' invokes the very Presence or IDentity of God...whose Name is ' I AM' (Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh). Invoking the divine Name awakens your soul to the Presence of God within your own being and brings with it All that God Is....accessing one into infinite abundance and provision. This 'I AM' Presence is the core-generation of all Life...being Life ItSelf. You can by calling upon the Name of the Lord....have the peace, power, deliverance, salvation, provision and victory of Life....because His Name or IDentity of BEING is brought into manifestation by your invoking...which opens your consciousness to His abiding Presence and Power.

Now you have all that the 'I AM' you and 'God' are One. One Life. One Love. One Truth. One Being. One Presence. One Glory. Whisper his name { I AM } and feel its truth within your heart.....then you will know by inner witness...that it is so.

While you now are living and consciously alive.......the Light, Love, Truth, Reality of 'God' pervades and upholds the very substance of your being....for you could not 'be' if divine Being did not include you in its Beingness. Because God are. Because you are.....reveals that God Is.

The One Self I AM ultimates as the One, the All, the Supreme.

In Lifes Radiance may you come to know your true Self.........your 'I AM' Presence and worship the Living One.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Opening to Light invocation

"Awaken......O heart divine, awaken thy voice....awaken thy spirit....awaken thy soul. Come forth in thy original beauty, thine own Self. Enter...the sanctuary of thy Being. Alight and ignite....the God-flame....the holy fire, the christening-light."


Expanding the light of consciousness

Greetings all,......

At this juncture of the spirtual journey.....the light of consciousness is cascading into a million different new dimensions of mind and spirit open revealing an open-ended Universe and an Infinite Intelligence which knows no bounds. Currently our attention is being placed on the 'Light' within our being...and following the inspiration/guidance within us which is our own God-Self or 'I AM' Presence. Joining the intimate union of God within.....we can come to know the divine Will and fulfill the law of our own being, for it is the Spirit within that is working its own intelligence....harmonizing itSelf with the Heart of Love which is the essence and wellspring our own true IDentity. As we open up to the Heart and Soul of 'God' and awaken to the 'I AM' Presence within us and all souls....we become more attuned to the frequency of Love and Light....and become ministers of the higher kingdom...allowing space for the manifestation of divinity and all the fruits thereof. With the awakening of our true Selves in the Light.....we bring forth the Perfection and Wisdom of the Universal One in natural radiance.

"Let our hearts awaken to the Christ-Heart....and thereby open the channels of the soul to be carries of Light....harbingers of Love."

"As we minister the healing Light....let us do so with extreme tenderness and exquisite compassion."

As my journey unfolds and greater expansions of Light integrate within the soul....the apparency of the Universality of Truth, Wisdom and Love becomes more evident and intrinsic to the very substance of All the One Light of Being as the Eternal 'I AM' emenates Supreme. The true unfolding of every souls path in the One Light is ultimated within the effulgent Love of divinity which in the atomic-core of each heart satisfies ItSelf in its own pleasure...when thru loving expression and action it consummates itSelf in its own Perfection. As the Law of Love is fulfilled in BEING.....greater extensions of the One Life can be released.....expressing more Beauty. Hence the momentum and joy of eternal Life continues in infinite expression, worlds without end.