Friday, March 06, 2009

Current ventures............

Been awhile since I've posted here. Update:

Been studying Hinduism and currently reading the Bhagavad Gita on the various practices of 'yoga', which center ultimately on the science of Self-realization. On our Hinduism thread, we are using the Bhagavad Gita As it is, for our text-commentaries.

Also reading transmissions from the Arcturians, who are assisting in our spiritual evolution and ascension to the higher dimensions. These teachings synthesize with the ascended master schools and other extra-terrestrial sources guiding man to his higher calling, towards a New Golden Age.


Let us open heart & soul to the all-pervading Brahman, attune to the Paramatman within, and give worship to the Bhagavan, the divine Personality of the Godhead...who is the archetypal Person of our devotion, representing the transcendental form of Deity. We recognize the 3 aspects of 'God', the Brahman(all-pervading Spirit-energy), the Paramatman(the indwelling Deity-presence)...and the Bhagavan (divine Personality of God, the transcendental form the Supreme Person who dwells in his heavenly Abode). All aspects of the 'Lord' are acknowledged and revered in the Vaishnava tradition of Hindu devotion, in the bhakti tradition. Using this particular translation of the Gita,...we enter our meditations in the religious/devotional sense....allowing also for more open philosophic and esoteric interpretations as well. All glory to the divine Personality, and His all-pervading Presence.....the Brahman and atma(soul) being of the One substance, with all its many expressions thru-out space and time. All glory to the Eternal One, without a second. One Ocean, many rivers. One Light, many rays. One substance, many forms. Glory to the One Love.

Saturday, January 03, 2009


If we meditate upon the word 'Soul' we see it as 'God's eternal Idea of man' - so 'Soul' is the innate spiritual idea of a living entity that exists in some 'form' within or without a 'matter-ial' body. The essence and concept of 'Soul' however,...exists forever in the Mind of God as 'idea', the pre-conceptual image of a 'living consciousness' individualized.

'Soul' to me is the inner essence of a living conscious entity that has an individuality of being. 'Soul' is eternal in the sense that it is made of God-mind and derived of God's essence...a living complex of mind and spirit with individuality and consciousness. Because what is created out of God's own Spirit, that substance has the same nature and potency as God Himself, infused with life/light/consciousness. As long as an living entity has consciousness and 'identity' it is a functioning soul-unit, a center of God-activity. The 'I AM' individualized.

We are Soul embodied as Man, an individualized expression of God. Spirit is the energy of soul, so that the soul of Man by nature has the potency of immortality, latent within its own inherent nature. Whether one believes that the soul wil be resurrected at a later time or continues on immediately after the physical body dies... may be a 'technical issue' as both beliefs 'end' in living souls endowed with life or immortality at some juncture, whether it be NOW (inherently waiting to be further developed) or in some miraculous future event. All souls who accept, receive and co-operate with the Life-giving Spirit are being regenerated thru the One Divine Life, via the 'Christ' (divine principle/pattern/idea of God in Man) to arise in his divine Sonship and eternal inheritance as an immortal soul.