Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Primacy of Existence

One approach in accessing 'God' is in our understanding of what 'God' is, however we define the 'term'. For instance on a deeper metaphysical Plane, I view 'God' as the very Source of all that exists, the Ground of Being, the substrate and upholder of all creation, the One Supreme Intelligence, the Mind-Matrix of all realities, a Universal Spirit. In this ontological domain, God's Existence is Self-evident as BEING itSelf. - the Infinite 'I AM.' This indicates the Reality of the primacy of Existence. This Reality is Absolute.

Traditionally, in many of our religious schools and theologies, 'God' is the One Supreme Absolute. Could one logically doubt Existence? or even his own existence? Absolute Reality is Inviolable, utter, ever-being, always at hand, ever-present. We may dream or conceive 'images' of God, concepts of 'Deity'...but it is from the depths of Existence Itself that the conceptions are born. The Truth of Existence ever remains. God is the Seat of Existence, the space in which consciousness arises.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

In the Beauty

Give unto the LORD the glory due to His name; Worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness. -psalm 29:2

Truly as we evoke the sacred heard of David and enter into the spheres of worship,....there, in the Radiance of the Messiah, is the 'hadarah'(beauty) of Holiness. This is such a wonderful 'phrase' to meditate upon, for in it we have the very description of God's countenance, describing the nature and quality of His Deity.

'Beauty' is one of the primal qualities of Divinity, along with Truth and Goodness. Even when we hold the idea-concept and spirtual light of 'Beauty' before us,...we behold the glory of God's Essence shining thru His chosen tabernacles, those temples of His Presence, which bear his image.

Worship (worth-ship) itself, exudes forth from the illumined spirit of man and his inner candle is lit aflame by God Most High. In the 'hadarah' is the intrinsic Harmony of Life, manifesting thru the light and logos of Spirit, as it pervades Creation, and indwells those hearts open to the Love-current. 'Holiness' is that realm of sacredness, so exsquisitely divine, unlike anything else, that dimension of 'divine fellowship and celestial awe' that is 'other-worldly'. The worshipper is truly 'set apart' for the Lord's service, and its anointing, in whatever area his calling.

'Holiness' also entails the integrity of being 'Whole', 'One', 'True', 'all-together', 'complete'. There is a uni-tegrity and divine Power in the Holy Sphere of Deity that is Absolute. Holiness draws the anointed into that eternal State of 'wholeness', which is the sons native dwelling, the spring of his power.

Only in the heart of the Beloved(David)...can the glory of the Messiah spring forth as worth-ship, in the beauty of holiness, for we center our heart's devotion in the Lord who is One, and His Messiah, the Morning-Star. Only true worshippers of the One Eternal Father, obtain the 'morning-star' in their overcoming of all that hinders their victory of faith.

In the Beauty, one is captured - the true value of LIFE is discovered in the Living Presence. There, the worth of Being itself is glorified in the Spirit-glory of the Lord's Christ, manifesting in one's own soul.

Sunday, August 03, 2008


"That which is of enduring value, lives forever"

As we live our lives, from season to season, life to life...we keep forever those treasures of soul of eternity-value and divine meaning.

In my memory of sister, Michele Angeline Purcell

Light to All

Friday, August 01, 2008

Marrying East and West


Its been some time since sharing here, but we shall update you on our recent adventures. Current explorations have been in the ancient Eastern scriptures and philosophies (the Vedas, Bhagavad Gita, etc.), Krishna, the historical and legendary supports for Jesus travels in India, Egypt, Persia and abroad in his teen years and 20's, the Aquarian gospel, correlating these back with the Essenes. The value of synthesizing East and West is culminating into a beautiful Whole, as we marry Heart and Mind in a practical religious Path honoring spirituality, philosophy and science.

Oracle for the day -

"Love is the potentializing force, or centralizing power awakening within the heart...the innate and accelerating Radiance of Life itSelf, the shimmering Light of the Infinite in the finite soul, empowering the being to unfold and express its divinity of will, with the Higher Forces of the cosmic energy, of the OverSoul of the Supreme."

Swami Nirmalananda Giri has a wonderful website centered in OM Yoga, taking the spiritual truths of Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism and Taoism as One.

Spiritual Writings