Monday, December 31, 2007

New frontiers in 2008

Opening the future now in the living present is our adventure in time and eternity for All is here, and Here is All. From our vantage point in time, we open to Eternity awakening from within all the inherent potentials of BEING. From this grand and glorious place of Existence we may unfurl our dreams and visions and send them forth as blessings - growing additions to an ever-expanding Universe. With this freedom of will and intent, there is no limit what we can launch, birth and incubate in the Mind of God. We know open our portals of mind and spirit and allow divine Willing to create. We center ourselves in the Heart, and there the resonation of the all-glorious LIGHT. In the center of the 'I AM' we have all power. There is only This. This is All there IS. We uphold this living flame of God-devotion and radiate it forth. We release blessings of peace and goodwill all thru-out our planet, to Mother Earth(Gaia/Terra) and her peoples. We seal this prayer in the light of the Christ-Mind and the divine Will. So let it BE.

All Love and Light, blessings and good will to all souls,
In the Mother LIGHT, Amen.

new additions

Greetings all,

I am deciding to become more pro-active in my blog entries, and will have to allow Spirit to dictate the flow and manner of such sharings. We are verging on a new year - 2008. If we add these numbers together we have the completion of '10'. (the apex of both '1' and '0'). It ought to be a pivotal year, like a womb birthing us into a new decade in the cosmic spiral.

Recent UFO and ET studies have brought new insights into the whole domain of Life in the Universe including every dimension of Mind and Spirit, for truly as we look as the Cosmos as One Living Organism....we behold the Unity and wonder in all Life, honoring the hidden purpose and divine meaning behind the evolutions of Existence, and its creative play thru time and space.

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