Thursday, May 29, 2008

momentary creation

"Life consists of the experience of what we make of the space and time afforded us in every moment."


Sunday, May 25, 2008

The Holy sound-current of Spirit

Just recently enjoyed a wonderful concert with Snatam Kaur and GuruGanesha Singh, with sacred music/songs and chant. It was great to come together in the Holy Naam (Name or sound-current)...the primal vibration underlying all creation, the very Sound thru which the divine births and orders all worlds in His/Her vast Universe. Spirit-Voyage music hosts and makes available all these wonderful musical offerings for the peace and unity of our planet and her peoples. Let's make this a better world for all, as we each do our part to be peace and light. Namaste. - Spirit-voyage Music

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

pathways to Paradise

Current journey routes include synthesizing all previous learning into a universality of Integral Wisdom, leaning towards a cosmic integration...tempered with the nuance of present-time, within a template of creativity, versatility and innovation. Art, science, philosophy, the humanities, high culture and theology will always be a vital part of the impetus of progressive religious values and ascension of the human spirit. The heart of true knowledge inspiring Man forward in his cosmic quest is the fundamental fire of his encouraging Love towards discovery of truth, goodness and beauty.

Recent meditations include ventures in the Urantia Papers, Process Philosophy, New Thought, Divine Science, space/time dimensions, Dialectical Monism (duality/Unity co-existence), A Cource in Miracles, Relational theology, review of all past knowledge filtered thru the present-time Light of Spirit, converting potentials into actuals in the progressive revelation and co-creation of realities as they take new forms.

The inherent gift of Life is the bestowal of grace, abounding goodness and Joy despite the hurdles and challenges of space and time in the journey forward to attain the higher harmonies of Paradise.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Creative Will

"God, as the First Source and Center, is primal in relation to total reality - unqualifiedly. The First Source and Center is infinite as well as eternal and is therefore limited or conditioned only by volition". - Urantia Papers, Foreword.

At the heart of Existence beats the primal Heart of Life whose Infinite Intelligence bears the totality of Life and all its forms. The divine Will of Spirit pervades and upholds every universe and eco-system with purpose of Self-expression, relationship and community within time and eternity, ever evolving, perfecting and extending itSelf in greater experience-capacity of goodness, truth and beauty. Creation is born from Love's desire to express, reproduce, relate and experience its divine potentials in its infinity as well as all finite levels of existence thru-out the cosmos. As we align to the Will of the Father within us, we are in at-one-ment with Love, in harmony with Life. We magnify the Will of God and so within its frequency enjoy the bounty of the Spirit.

Friday, May 16, 2008

peaceful harbor

Before us is a calm bay of reflecting light and gentle love, whose ambience is most wonderful, warming the heart, cheering the spirit as lilting butterflies on a bright spring day. Each moment gifts us with new possibilities, insights, dimensions, expansions. There is ever the unchanging essence of 'being' itself and the 'continuous creation' of 'be-coming' as each potential actualizes in our experience. We enjoy the process of Life as an on-going journey of consciousness.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

sacred space

Today, I bless this space
I allow divine potential to unfold
I am reservoir and river
I am sacred space

I rest in the space behind space
Pure Being
From the Heart of Love
I allow creation

Sunday, May 04, 2008

All that matters

Spirit inspired the question, "What is all that matters?"

Answer: All that matters is what IS. From what IS, comes all that shall ever be and be-come in the unfolding of its own inherent Nature. Life left to itself in its harmony and divine Will unfolds in its own order, beauty and grace. What is most essential is the Essence of Life Itself, Being. At the heart of Reality is the Original substance. The fundamental of this substance is Life, Consciousness, Love....expressing itself as Light within the many facets of Creation, the Radiance of the Entire Cosmos. Only the All matters. Only what IS always at the heart-center of Living Awareness flowing by its own continuum is mattering in space and time. Drawing from the divine Mystery and knowledge of this Center is our Only Resource, salvation, light, wisdom and guidance holding us in balance, leading us forward to greater progress, harmony, new discoveries and celestial heights.

So ask your Self, "What really matters?" What is at the heart of my existence and my place in the world? My place in the cosmic scheme of things? Only your Self knows,...for in the center of the Self is the light of all-knowing, the same Mind that upholds and carries the Universe in its rhythms. The Heart of Life has its very frequency in you and as you! Only let that Life do as it wills, co-creating with the Universal...unfolding divine potential, awakening to a greater Vision of the Whole, advancing the cause of Good everywhere. This empowerment and Joy is your calling, your DELIGHT.

Interior Prayer

"My prayers are communions, not conversations" - Walter Russell

This statement has profound insight into a deeper form of prayer within the Soul, reflecting the Light of communion with God on the inner levels of Being.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


"To teach the whole Sonship without exception demonstrates that you perceive its wholeness, and have learned that it is one. Now you must be vigilant to hold its oneness in your mind because, if you let doubt enter, you will lose awareness of its wholeness and will be unable to teach it. The wholeness of the Kingdom does not depend on your perception, but your awareness of its wholeness does. It is only your awareness that needs protection, since being cannot be assailed. Yet a real sense of being cannot be yours while you are doubtful of what you are. This is why vigilance is essential. Doubts about being must not enter your mind, or you cannot know what you are with certainty. Certainty is of God for you. Vigilance is not necessary for truth, but it is necessary against illusions.

Truth is without illusions and therefore within the Kingdom. Everything outside the Kingdom is illusion. When you threw truth away you saw yourself as if you were without it. By making another kingdom that you valued, you did not keep only the Kingdom of God in your mind, and thus placed part of your mind outside it. What you made has imprisoned your will, and given you a sick mind that must be healed. Your vigilance against this sickness is the way to heal it. Once your mind is healed it radiates health, and thereby teaches healing. This establishes you as a teacher who teaches like me. Vigilance was required of me as much as of you, and those who choose to teach the same thing must be in agreement about what they believe. "

-ACIM, Be vigilant only for God and His kingdom, ch. 6

Our vigilence of mind must always be upon the true nature of our 'being', as one with God and the glory of his kingdom which is ever-eternal. Truth is inviolate, indivisible, unconquerable, of the substance of divinity, immortal. Only our awareness is called unto vigilance to abide in the Truth that IS, the kingdom of Light. By identifying only with 'God' and his Being, we hold our own truth in the Light, the wholeness of Sonship and are in 'conscious union' with the Father, illumined by the Spirit. It is ours to discern and hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit, being watchful to abide in our Christhood - it is then in such holiness of being...that we are empowered to teach what we are, for then what we are is most Radiant(to us and all) as the true creation (Son) of God.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

All motion arises within the One Stillness

"Motion is an essential part of creation, for the river of life flows on forever. Yet, the heart of man was also born in stillness, knowing itself as I Am. You are encompassed by unity and yet the motions of thought and life move through you. All of these are equally part of you. As you learn this, you will turn from your search for external causes, and look more directly for the Source. You will find that time is not your enemy, but merely a servant of motion over which you will gain mastery. In this, you will find your greatest freedom -- to be in past, present, and future with equal grace and perfect integrity, and with endless opportunities for growth and expression."

The Keys of Jeshua, p.334

In the Still Light of Mind are the varying reflections of life-activity, arising within the One Awareness,....the space-time movements within Eternity. As we abide as the Eternal 'I Am', and Universal Mind of the Infinite....we are centered in our divine integrity and behold all creation as the magnificent body and expression of the One Life. We maintain our power, presence, poise, balance and joy abiding in the Heart and as the Heart. We are forever grounded in the core-reality, at rest but also in movement as all converges into the One Light. Being this Light, we are the 'I Am' individualized.....individually realizing the Universal.