Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Healing Principle

The healing principle is within man himself. Man's power to heal himself, or extend his healing power to others is measured by his awareness of God in him. Man is an extension of God. God is Light. God is Mind. God is Creator of his electric universe of light-waves which is His body. God is absolute master of His electric body. He controls the movements of His starry firmament and keeps all parts of it in absolute balance.

Man is Light to the extent that he knows he is Light. He is Mind to the extent that he knows he is Mind. He is God, and has God-power, to the extend that he knows God in him.

-Walter Russell, Divine ILIAD, vol. 2

Let us awaken to our inheritance of Light and Love, our source and origin. With-in the Light of Consciousness awakens the pure will of divinity to inspire, create, form and express its imaginings. This logos of Mind works with Spirit to energize space/matter into creative form, idealized creation fulfilling itSelf thru infinite variation. As we open our beings to radiate the logos of Spirit...we co-create with God and are partners in expanding creation and the evolution of mind and spirit.

"For Behold I am within all things, centering them; and I am without all things, controlling them"

-Divine ILIAD

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Truth behind all conditions

"Real God is Truth, or That Which, when perfectly "known" (or fully Realized), sets you entirely Free."

"Real God is Consciousness (Itself). Consciousness (Itself), or the Perfectly Subjective Source (and non-seperative Self Condition) of the apparent conditional world and the apparent conditional self, Is the only Real God. "

"When everything is Realized to be Consciousness (Itself), There is Only Consciousness (Itself).

-Eleutherious, Adi Da Samraj

As we contemplate what 'Truth' is,...when must begin with what is always already Absolute, Eternal, Infinite, ever-Radiant. We consider the Reality behind all existence (unconditioned & conditioned) and the substance of Awareness or Intelligence that pervades this Existence which we identify as 'Consciousness'. Life is apparent and realized only thru the conscious being of its own existence, this being One Universal Sentience. Since the One Real God is before, behind and beyond all temporal or human conditioning, it is utterly and entirely free from the bondages and limitations of conditional existence, although such conditions are arising within the Field of Awareness seeming to modify or condition Life, yet the One Absolute 'Real God' is unconditioned in its original, eternal Essence and Being.

The unconditional retains its Changeless substancial Nature, which is Infinite Being, Consciousness and Life. (there is a relational-perception within the contrast of the changing and the unchanging. The essence of Truth(God) is unchanging in Principle, law, essence....yet ever-present as the Sole substratum or Condition of all conditions in Truth, even within the seemingly eternal rounds of space-time creation, movement, and temporal conditionings. We could say the Unchanging and the changing are both aspects of Mind, since the substance is eternal while its forms undergo transformations).

Relative conditions only appear to super-impose themselves upon the space of Universal Being as a temporal 'play' and seem to suffer from such limitations, mortality and dis-ease. These impositions/distortions only impinge on and bind the ego-self in the sense world of duality(seperation), while the native State of Unconditional Being is always FREE. Our endeavor then is to recognize the State that is always Free and abide in it, seeing thru the appearances of relative existence, transcending such in the Light of Consciousness, baptizing all in the Radiance of Spirit. 'Truth' then is that which is always eternally free, the potentialized State of all-Presence and Power, the status of Original Being, the all-Supreme, the Infinite, the One Source and Principle.

In the process of spiritual unfoldment or evolution, Man is awakening to the Truth of his Being thru recognition of his native State and potential, allowing Christ-consciousness to arise so he may be and be-come all that his constitution entails and heart desires in Truth to the glory of God. Truth is the Only Liberty of divine principle able to free, inspire, empower and emancipate Man.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Mind, the universal medium

"The theory that Mind can stand outside of the Universe as its Maker or Creator must be dropped for the fact that 'Mind is the source and condition of all existence'. Mind = Universe."

-All is One, - Margaret Laird

"The only I is Mind, God, the Substance of all ideas. Everything belongs to God, Consciousness. Nothing is material - all is Spirit only. Everything great or small in the universe is a conception, manifestation, idea desirable to Mind that Mind has formed for Itself, of Itself, within Itself."

-That Which Is, - Alfred Aiken

In Divine Science we begin with Infinite Intelligence, the One Mind wherein all creation in-forms and is forever sustained by ItSelf, according to the patterns, images born out of its own Substance. Everything conceived from within Mind is imaged and patterned after the inherent nature and form of Spirit's own conception, its vision of eternal Good unfolding in 'continuous creation'.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Law of expression

When we consider the laws of creation and reproduction we see the 'law of expression' at work, as out of the Creator-Mind is formed its ideas and Self-expressions, these images and forms being made of the same substance and mind of the Infinite One, the Universal Soul which is Perfect Health, Harmony, Light, Love, Truth, Life and Spirit. Out of the Universal, is the individual expression of itSelf manifested as the soul-body of Man, whose nature and substance is that One Source of Being which is All-Being, the Omnipresence of Spirit.

As we behold our true nature and substance as born and created out of the One Original Perfection, and maintain our consciousness in tune with Omnipresence, our being is harmonized in its natural existence in God, giving full liberty for perfect health and well-being of spirit, soul and body. When there are no obstructions or distortions of perception and only full faith and realized knowledge of the truth of one's being in divine Being,...then there is only the One Presence and Power in all radiance, being what it is Being, Absolute.

Meditation -

I am one with Perfect Life, perfect Love, perfect Substance, the One Infinite Existence that I AM. I yield my thoughts and feelings into the consciousness of Omnipresence, my source and root of being, my life, strength and joy. I am perfectly poised in the Eternal Spirit whose Heart and Soul is divine Perfection. I accept and radiate the light of Pure Spirit in its perfect expresssion here, now....according to its divine nature. I give thanks now for eternal Life, everlasting wholeness and infinite Love, being all that I Am and only this. I Am eternal Life individually expressing itself in the continuum of eternity. This is my Life and my Joy.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Christ-Mind

Recent journeys in DS Bible lessons, Science of Mind readings and Jewish-Christian histories are blending into a wonderful panorama of fresh insights and new perspectives. Life has an amazing ability to open up new venues each day, and more is given to us as we open heart and soul to become more receptive to Light. As we continue our studies we expand consciousness and open more and more to the One God-Presence in all, and thru all.....tuning our frequencies to the glory of the Christ which in us is the seed of divinity, forever blossoming to unfold divine potential.

"the lamp of the body is the eye (the spectrum of vision). Therefore, when your eye is good, your whole body is full of light. " - Luke: 11:34

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The 'unreality' of evil

Hello all,

Studies in Divine Science are moving along nicely and the creative outflow of logos continues to grow and expand. I will be combing thru older commentaries and dialogues from previous discussion venues and sharing them here from time to time.

A fellow forum-member wrote:

"Evil does not exist. People who do evil acts do exist"

I responded:

Indeed, Where God, the Infinite Source and substance of All-good IS, evil can exist. God is One. There is One Infinity of Good. Omipresence pervades the Totality of Being. In the light of understanding the nature of God, then we have to account for the 'appearance' of evil, and see that such exists as 'error', 'unreality', the antithesis of good, 'negation', a privation of God. It is without substance or power. It is apart from the original creation of God, therefore is naught. Only in the realm of duality (the reflective world of perception)...does good and evil appear to be contending forces competing with one another, yet the Truth is that there is only the Omnipresence of Good (Spirit).

Distortion of reality(sin) therefore must exist in mortal mind, imperfect vision, darkness, ignorance, humanity, time. Divine Reality, the Eternal Good exists in Immortality, Infinity, Perfection, True Light, Real Knowledge, Divinity. Pure Existence or God is ever Being, including and transcending all space and time, as One (Omnipresence). The Triumph of eternal Life therefore can only be in Life or God itself, the Spirit or Living Mind...the Soul that is divine (the Only One that IS). We may use various 'metaphors' or 'terms' for 'God', yet they all point to that which is Eternal, Infinite, Indivisible, Immortal, Omnipresent, Omnipotent, Omniscient.

From the divine Source of Existence creation came forth as the perfect-expression of the Creator MIND...and such was defined by divinity itSelf as good, and in the creation of Man as 'very good'. - Man being the perfect image and likeness of God HimSelf....the I AM (the 'knowing' of Self-existence, Mind, Consciousness). Before any supposed 'fall' or 'distortion' of Truth,...there is always only all good, the consciousness of Unity and Life. Only when Man fell into 'duality-perception' (the minding of both good AND evil) was his vision distorted and the corruption of the immaculate conception of God began....sin, death, seperation from God, misperception.

Evil(error) is overcome by Good(Truth)...for in asserting the Omnipresence of Good is accepting the substance of that which Alone is Real...the One True Existence which Alone is Supreme.