Sunday, October 12, 2008

Agni Yoga and Leaves of Morya's Garden

Greetings all,

It's been awhile since posting and devoting more time lately to writing and dialogues at Theologyonline.

Been looking into the school of Agni Yoga, and the wonderful inspired poetry from Master Morya. I'll share some verses from Leaves of Morya's garden with commentary, honoring the fire-yoga of spiritual will, awakening the warrior of light within.

The warrior's song

108. Fear not being insufficiently active; the air is tense and the
fiery cross of love will cover the field of your battle,
and the song of harmony will ascend.

112. The Hand of the Teacher reveals the power of the rays.
Comprehend their salutary light.
Morya fills your being with the power of calmness.
And when the stillness of harmony embraces you
the force of your arrows will increase.

114. I tell you — be vigilant.
Combine strength and understanding.
My Ring will seal the happiness of those who spread
My Teaching.

120. In the history of mankind is revealed the great
battle at the change of races; at the call to battle
each summoned warrior takes up his arms.
Providence leads nations by way of struggle; and you,
My warriors, guard yourselves with the Shield of
God’s Will, and the Divine Song will ever find
echo within you.

130. The Bliss manifested on the Heavenly Heights
will bestow courage upon the legion of warriors
for Truth.

150. The ray disperses the clouds — a new path is
revealed to the conqueror.

- Leaves of Morya's Garden 1

The infantry of Light mounts the plain, ascending to Mount Zion, with the zeal of truth, banner of wisdom, and vanguard of Light. They scale space and time for the Victory of the Spirit, triumphing in the eternal Will.


James said...

"Been looking into the school of Agni Yoga, and the wonderful inspired poetry from Master Morya..."

For some related notes, see:

paul said...

Hi James,

Awesome! I have an Infinity Blog,- a commentarial on the book, 'Infinity', process. Philosophical musings on spiritual evolution. I added u to my friends list. Hope you do more with your blog-profile (adding on, creating). Be well!